Japanese Shikou Eggplant

Japanese Shikou Eggplant

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The name is perfect: "shikou" means "supreme" in Japanese, and that's how we feel about this Asian eggplant! Long, elegant dark purple fruit arise in good numbers on nearly spineless plants, and once you get a taste of their meaty, succulent flavor, you will be determined to make Shikou part of your yearly vegetable garden!

Not only is the fruit itself a deep violet, but the stem is as well. Expect these eggplants to reach 6 to 8 inches long and just 1 to 1½ inches wide, with a smooth, thin, very tender skin concealing dense, nearly seedless flesh. Use Shikou in stir-fries, grill it in long slices, or chop it up for casseroles and stews. The flavor is fabulous!

If you are an Asian eggplant connoisseur, you may be interested to know that Shikou is a cross of Kurowashi and Tarowese. It offers absolutely gourmet fruit on high-performing plants that reach 18 to 24 inches high in the garden. Comes in a 3.5" pot.